When you start skedler and if you find the following lines in Skedler log file,

[2017-01-24 10:32:55.324] [INFO] [skedler log] - Skedler is all set

[2017-01-24 10:32:55.324] [INFO] [skedler log] - Skedler Config - Skedler Version :  2.6   Released on 17/01/2017

[2017-01-24 10:32:55.324] [INFO] [skedler log] - Listening on

[2017-01-24 08:32:55.926] [INFO] [skedler log] - Creating Phantom instance...

[2017-01-24 10:32:55.952] [DEBUG] [skedler log] - Cluster - Creating worker threads

[2017-01-24 08:32:57.465] [INFO] [skedler log] - Creating Phantom instance...

[2017-01-24 10:32:57.489] [DEBUG] [skedler log] - Cluster - Creating worker threads

[2017-01-24 08:32:59.079] [INFO] [skedler log] - Creating Phantom instance...

To resolve,

Check whether JAVA is installed in the machine where Skedler runs. To check use the command given below,

> java -version

If not available kindly install java and run the script file skedler_home/install.sh which will set up the necessary file permission to run Skedler.

Before you run the script file kindly follow the steps given below,

  • Set the value for the variable JAVA_HOME in the skedler_home/install.sh script as follows,
           Check JAVA_HOME using the command echo $JAVA_HOME.
           Copy and paste the output to the install.sh
           Save install.sh.
  • Provide the required permission to $skedler_home/install.sh script file using the command
     sudo chmod u+x install.sh
  • Install Skedler using the below command. Run install.sh as sudo user           
    sudo ./install.sh
  • You can start Skedler as a service or manually.
  • Manually: bin/skedler
  • Service: sudo service skedler start

For more detailed installation kindly refer the section Configure Permissions and Java_Home the following solution,

Step-by-Step Installation Guide for Linux