If you face an issue in running Skedler Alerts, the support team will request you to run Skedler Alerts in debug mode and upload the log files.  Here is how you can run Skedler Alerts manually in debug mode and collect the log files. 

  • Use the following command from alert_home
          bin/alert debug

Location of the log files

Once you have turned the debug mode, reproduce the issue and collect the log files from the following location,

You can find the log files in:
  • For Linux/Windows : Skedler Alerts log files in alert_home/log/ directory.  Look for alert.log and alert-elasticsearch.log
  • For Debain/RPM in /var/log/skedler-alerts/ directory.
  • For Docker in /var/lib/docker/volumes/alertdata/_data/log directory.

Skedler Alerts license log file alert_home/log/license.log (For Windows: alert_home/bin/lexlog.txt)

Send the three log files to [email protected]. Alternatively, upload them to http://support.skedler.com.