How does the issue actually occur for a user?

If a user accidentally shutdown the server or if they reboot the system the permissions which are already been configured will be removed by default.

When the user tries to start Skedler reports the application won't start and throws an error,

-- Unit skedler.service has begun starting up.
Dec 30 07:14:07 gra-app3 skedler[2390]: Starting skedler Daemon: 2396
Dec 30 07:14:07 gra-app3 systemd[1]: New main PID 2396 does not exist or is a zombie.
Dec 30 07:14:07 gra-app3 systemd[1]: Failed to start LSB: start and stop skedler.
-- Subject: Unit skedler.service has failed
-- Defined-By: systemd
-- Support:
-- Unit skedler.service has failed.
-- The result is failed.
Dec 30 07:14:07 gra-app3 systemd[1]: Unit skedler.service entered failed state.
Dec 30 07:14:07 gra-app3 systemd[1]: skedler.service failed.
Dec 30 07:14:07 gra-app3 polkitd[903]: Unregistered Authentication Agent for unix-process:2384:249653613 (system bus name :1.9416, object path /org/freedesktop/PolicyKit1/AuthenticationAgent, l
Dec 30 07:14:07 gra-app3 sudo[2367]: pam_unix(sudo:session): session closed for user root
lines 5047-5092/5092 (END)

Follow the below steps to overcome the issue,

1. The user once again needs to add permissions that are required to make the Skedler application up and running.

Provide the required permission to in $skedler home script file using the command

  • cd $skedler_home

  • sudo chmod u+x

2. Install Skedler Reports using the below command. Run as sudo user

sudo ./

3Then start Skedler as service using the following command,

sudo service skedler start

This avoids the uninterrupted service and runs the Skelder application hassle-free in the user's environment