In order for us to help you resolve Skedler configuration issues in your environment, we need the following information:

  1. Skedler debug log files. Here is how you can run Skedler manually in debug mode and collect the log files. 
    • Use the following command from skedler_home  bin/skedler debug
    • If you have already started Skedler manually as bin/skedler or as service sudo service skedler, then you can dynamically turn on the debug mode without restarting Skedler using the following curl command,
      • To turn ON set the variable debugMode value to true 
        • sudo curl -XPOST <skedlerURL>/loggerMode -d "debugMode=true"
      • To turn OFF set the variable debugMode value to false
        • sudo curl -XPOST <skedlerURL>/loggerMode -d "debugMode=false"
  2. Following environment information:
    • Type and version of OS
    • Java version
    • Elasticsearch version
    • Kibana version
    • Proxy configuration details if any (example: if Nginx server send config file)
    • Is Shield configured for Elasticsearch?
    • Are you using Kibana shield plugin?
    • Are you using Search Guard?
  3. Skedler configuration file reporting.yml file which can be found in skedler_home/config folder

Send the above details to  Alternatively, upload them to