There are three scenarios where Skedler users may experience Load Time error while generating the report. They are as follows:

1. Trying to load new visualization from Kibana dashboard which is not automatically synchronized with Skedler reports.

2. Trying to load heavy dashboard.

3. Failed to pass the dashboard authentication

Note: We normally don't recommend users to run Elasticsearch and Skedler on the same server. Which creates an impact on the system memory like (Processing speed, RAM, etc..)


1. Check if you've added the new visualization tag in your skedler/config/dashboard-tags.json before generating the report.

2. If you're trying to load heavy dashboard with more visualization data, we request you to split the dashboard into 2 equal half to overcome this error.

4. If you're experiencing the load time problem due to incorrect dashboard authentication credentials, then you can verify your dashboard authentication credentials from reporting.yml. Use the below path to navigate to reporting.yml